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Tri-Tip Goodness

Tri tip on a plate

Mouthfuls of Beefy Wonder

Tired of eating the same meals every day? Looking for something different? There’s a new food truck in Tucson, AZ that will take you to new heights of beef-induced goodness. JMB’s BBQ is your No.1 source of sumptuous tri-tip sandwiches and barbeques.

Tri-Tip: The Rising Star of Beef

Tri-tip is one of the least expensive cuts of beef, but don’t let its low price fool you. This cut is lean, tender, and has an excellent flavor if cooked right due to its beautiful marbling. We know how to grill this cut to perfection, and you’ll taste that in our mouthwatering sandwiches and barbeques that the entire city loves.

Savor the Flavors of Tri-Tip Today

We are confident that our tri-tip sandwiches and barbeques will make you a believer. Count on our skilled grilling experts to serve you a flavorful meal that locals come back to again and again. Call (520) 406-3737 for more details.

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